1 Twitter Tip You Can Fix Straight Away

names on TwitterHow do your friends, colleagues or admirers find you on Twitter?  One of the obvious ways is to click on “Find People” on Twitter and search for your name.  

But one of the oversights for many people is that they list their Twitter handle as their name making them very hard to find in Twitter Search.  (e.g. if I listed msuster as my name rather than Mark Suster)

If you findy anybody who has done this please forward them the link to this post, which is –> http://bit.ly/15foOH and let’s make Twitter and easier place to find people.

UPDATE:  People have made the fix and say they still don’t appear in the search results.  It takes a while (a day or more) to get your name propagated in Twitter’s search index.  Be patient – it will appear.

I’ve posted three people’s examples to the left.

First is Amanda Coolong of TechZulu.  If you search for her (as of July 10, 2009 at 5:45pm) you will get no result and the text, “did you mean Amanda Choong?”

Second is Jen Raymond.  Search for Jen Raymond and you’ll get 2 of them – neither one is the Jen Raymond who works for Pfizer and lives in Santa Monica.  Search on Jennifer Raymond and you get 24 results – none our beloved Jen from SM.

Third is Bryan Hale, a former colleague from Salesforce.com and former VC from DFJ.  You get my point – 7 results, none him.

So please go check your Name and make sure that it isn’t your Twitter handle (assuming you want people to be able to follow you).  While you’re at it put in a link (if you don’t blog or want to link to your company at least link to your LinkedIn or Facebook profile).  And write a short bio about yourself.  Anything.  At a minimum it will help people know whether they have the right halebr (who you should follow, he’s a cool guy ;-)


8 Responses to 1 Twitter Tip You Can Fix Straight Away

  1. Fixed as of 8/10 at 6:17pm. Thx for the heads-up!

  2. Bryan Hale says:

    Thanks Mark. My days of stealth twittering are over.

    That’s right Ashton Kutcher, I’m hot on your heels.

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  4. Mark Landay says:

    I have my profile set up as recommended and I still do not come up in searches for my name: “Mark Landay”
    Thus, I tweeted from @MarkLanday, stating that I am
    Mark Landay.

  5. Jen Raymond says:

    Ok, ok – my name is fixed!! Thanks for the tip!

  6. And besides, it will help people you follow decipher who you are from the notification email sent by twitter, and follow you back if they know you.

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