(re) Blogging

I kept a blog actively in 2006/07 when I was running my second company, Koral.  On March 27th, 2007 we were acquired by Salesforce.com and the next week marked my final blog posting.  For a period of time I was prohibited from blogging since I was no longer running my own company and I worked for a firm that was very guarded in who could communicate messages and what could be communicated.  So I stopped blogging.

Since then I’ve left Salesforce.com where I served as VP Product Management and joined “the Dark Side” of VC as a General Partner with LA-based GRP Partners.  I’ve now been at it for nealry 2 years and really enjoyed the breadth of exposure I get to entrepreneurs and great business ideas.  I spent much of those 2 years learned my new trade and building out a network within the SoCal entrepreneurial and VC community.

Now that I feel I”ve firmly found my footing down here I thought I’d get back to blogging.  Much has changed since my first two blogs, which were on Blogger (personal) and Typepad.  It seems that WordPress has gained a strong foothold in the market – I look forward to this new platform.  Admitedly my first experience hasn’t been seamless.  I had already purchased a domain so I didn’t require the standard WordPress URL.  Seems that they aren’t particularly well geared toward new users coming straight in with a domain and not needing their generic format.  But after a few hours I’ve got this sorted and in the process learned my way around a bit.  So far, so good.

When I blogged previously I think I was known for being direct and irreverent.  So much that I ended up on the front page of Valleywag (before it was subsumed by Gawker) for calling a SF-based VC to task for being wankers in a meeting.  I hope to bring the same straightforward commentary to my posts from the other side of the table.  I hope to offer experiences from being an entrepreneur and being a VC.  I will do my best to communicate from Both Sides of the Table


4 Responses to (re) Blogging

  1. Big plus for the entrepreneur community that you have decided to start this up – look forward to reading what you have to say. Good luck!

  2. Congrats on getting this off the ground Mark. Very excited to be a reader & participant; already looks like it’s off to a great start.

  3. Kevin Gao says:

    Mark – great blog that you have here. Just read through a big chunk of the posts. Since Andreessen stopped writing in his, it’s refreshing to hear another direct entrepreneur/VC-hybrid voice!

    • marksuster says:

      Thanks, Kevin. Much appreciated. Keep coming back and leaving comments and I’ll keep ’em coming. Best, Mark

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